Sunday, January 6, 2013

Fairy Trees

(from Fairyopolis)

These are all the trees that fairies like:

Nut trees - Most varieties of nut trees provide homes for tree nymphs.

Blackthorn - Blackthorn trees are carefully guarded by the fairies, who believe them to be sacred.

Ash - Ash trees are believed to provide protection from the more mischievous types of fairies. They cannot use their magic on those standing in the shadow of an ash tree.

Hawthorne - All thorny trees are favorite meeting places for fairies.

Lilac - The wafting scent of lilacs will attract fairies to a garden.

Holly - Holly berries are a particular favorite of the fairies

Rowan - It is said that if a Rowan tree grows in your garden, you and your family will be blessed by the fairies.

Oak - The oak is believed to be a sacred tree for fairies. Oak trees even have their own fairy known as the dryad or oak tree nymph.

Beech - In Celtic mythology, the beech was a symbol of potency, thanksgiving, and was used in divination. 

Elder - Fairies believe that elder trees will protect them from any humans who wish them harm. Fairies also make wine from the elderberries.

Apple - The fruit or bark of the apple tree can be used in fairy magic. The apples also make excellent gifts for the fairies.

Willow - The sound of the wind in the willows is said to be that of fairy whisperings. legend tells of a beautiful fairy called Heliconia, who lives among the willow.


Saturday, August 18, 2012


Fairies love gifts from humans! Some of their favorite gifts are food.  They don't just like any ordinary thing from your house, though. They adore sweet things like a small piece of apple pie or a sugary drink. 

Now where you should set the fairies' food is out in your yard somewhere like on a stump, or in a shadowy place. You should probably put clear wrapping around it so ants won't get into it. Another strategy is to put it on a table and leave it alone for about half an hour and hopefully the fairies will enjoy it.

Saturday, January 21, 2012


First, you need a styrofoam cup.  Next, cut out a door, but make sure you can lift it so the fairies can get in.  Then you can decorate it with any sort of markers and colors that you wants. You can add any number on it so it looks like a real house. You're finished with the outside!

If you don't want to do this, you don't have to but this is how you can make beds for the houses. You need pipe cleaners and cotton balls. Cut the pipe cleaner into a small piece, about 6 inches long. Get the cotton balls and wrap the pipe cleaners around them.  This makes a nice, cozy fairy bed. Put it inside the fairy house, and they'll have something to sleep on!

Now you have one more important thing to do - the toilet! Get any kind of glue cap, or bottle cap, and place it inside the house with the beds. Finally, set the houses somewhere the fairies go where no one will disturb them (like in your basement, or in your closet - but keep the door open!).

Sunday, September 4, 2011

How to Make a Fairy Ring

This is how you make a fairy ring: First, you need a hula hoop. Then, you need a small shovel. Next, you need crocus bulbs. Now you have to place the hula hoop somewhere in your yard.  Then you take the small shovel and carve it around the edge of the hula hoop. Plant the crocus bulbs. Take the hula hoop out and wait for the flowers to bloom. Then you have a fairy ring. 

Fairies use fairy rings to dance around in and have parties.  They especially like to use them during full moons.

TIP: Check with your local nursery or hardware store for crocus bulbs.